Make Your Calming Bedroom for Staying Home

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Your bedroom should always be your sanctuary. But now more than ever, it’s important to carve out a comforting, beautiful space in your home for rest. Your bedroom should be an expression of you, and the place you feel most comfortable. We have some tips to turn your bedroom into a calming space, most of which can be done with what you already have.


Start with a good base

The most important thing in your bedroom is – you guessed it – the bed! Make sure your bed is to your style and liking-you should love it and be drawn to it when you walk in the room. Your mattress should also be comfortable and inviting to you. If you’re uncomfortable in your bed, your bedroom will become a source of frustration rather than rest. 


Do a Deep Clean and Declutter

Declutter all of your surfaces for a more calming atmosphere. Make sure your nightstand doesn’t have too much on it. Even just a dusting and vacuum can make you feel more comfortable in your space. If you can, try to not have work related things in the bedroom. If your desk is in your bedroom, at least keep your work away from your bed. 


Fill Your Walls With Something Meaningful

Now is a great time to take stock of your wall art. Are colors clashing, detracting from a calming atmosphere? If you’re stuck at home, it can be fun to rearrange your wall art from another room for something new.  Move meaningful things to the bedroom that make you feel calm and at home.


Add Cozy Textiles

Another opportunity to hack your own home is in your textiles. Move that ultra soft blanket from the living room to your bedroom. Bring in anything that makes you feel like your bedroom is a sanctuary. 


Add Some Plants

While most of us are housebound, it’s important to bring the outdoors in. Transfer some of your plants to your bedroom, or pot some new ones, to breathe better at night and foster a calming environment. 


Pay Attention to Your Senses

Make sure the light levels are low when you’re trying to sleep-make sure there’s no displays glowing or light coming in from outside. Play some calming music, or turn on ocean sounds to sleep to. Pick a comforting signature scent for your room-try things like lavender or vanilla.

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