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Creating the Perfect Guest Bedroom

Daybed with bed dressed and side table with small pine tree. Image.


With Thanksgiving right around the corner, and the winter holidays after that, many of us are set to be swamped with guests. For this time of year-Rogers likes to live by the mantra: happy guest equals happy host. Read on to find some tips and tricks to deck out a guest room we know will make your family happy.

Upgrade your linens

Guests don’t want to feel like they’re sleeping on the old linens you rejected from your master. Invest in some new, quality linens for your guest room to keep things feeling hotel fresh. Rogers has a collection of comfy sheets that elevate any bed. 

Make space for guest’s belongings

Clear off a dresser, or place a cute side table for your guests to spread out on. Even consider having some empty dresser drawers for longer stays, where they might want to unpack their suitcase completely. Having their own space for their things makes guests feel more at home.

Get some fresh flowers

Having some fresh flowers, or even fresh greenery (eucalyptus or monstera leaves) leaves your guests feeling like you went the extra mile to prepare for their arrival. Little touches like this makes them feel even more welcome and cared for.

Consider a Daybed

While having dedicated space for your guests is important for their wellbeing-you need space for yourself too! If you have a smaller space, opt for a daybed with a pop up trundle. It will pull out to the width of a king, but doesn’t take up much space when guests aren’t there.

Have a nice mattress!

Ok, we might be biased here. But we think the single best thing you can do for your guests is to have a comfy mattress. This will leave them feeling refreshed, and like you care enough about them to give them an optimal sleep surface. Our St. Regis mattress is the perfect option for a guest room. While it doesn’t break the bank, it provides the signature Rogers comfort and support that is in all of our mattresses.

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