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Why does Rogers use Nano springs?


When designing our Lifetime mattresses, Rogers sought out comfort materials that would actually last a lifetime. It can be difficult to find a cushion that is not only soft, but supportive and long lasting. Cue Nano springs. 

a photo of a nano spring sitting next to a normal spring

Nano springs are just like regular mattress springs but small. Shockingly small. They only stand about an inch high, and are about an inch in diameter. Just like our Powercore unit, Nano springs are individually pocketed and assembled into a large sheet. We use sheets of Nano springs as comfort layers in our mattresses-they provide extra cushion on top of our Powercore unit. 

a photo of a sheet of nano springs

Nano springs are a vastly superior comfort layer to pretty much anything else out there-they’re a plush, pillowey cushion made of an extremely durable material. It’s something that sounds too good to be true, but thankfully isn’t. They’re great at cushioning your pressure points, but they also give even back support since your weight is distributed among thousands of tiny Nano springs. This leaves you feeling suspended, like you’re floating. You’ll never have that “I’m sinking too far in and I’m stuck” feeling-it’s just pure, easy comfort.

The other major advantage to Nano springs is their durability. A sheet of Nano springs is made from steel, meaning it’s nearly impossible for it to break down. It will remain a supportive cushion for years and years, with zero maintenance. No fluffing, no cleaning. 

If we’ve convinced you-try out our Nano spring layers in our Lifetime mattress. We swear you’ll never go back to traditional comfort materials again. 


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Transitioning Your Bedroom for Fall

A photo showing the Barcelona wood bed with a side table and sunflowers

You walk into your local home store on a late August afternoon, overheated from the thick humidity outside. You begin your browsing only to come upon a new tabletop display featuring the blacks, oranges and skeletons of Halloween. Most of us are still trying to soak up the last bits of summer radiance in August, and the hues of Autumn displayed in the stores are pretty shocking. But the truth is, fall is right around the corner. And it doesn’t have to be a bad thing-with fall comes some of the finest home decor. Read on for some tips on transitioning your bedroom to embrace the change of seasons.

Layer Light Textiles
As the nights get (a little) cooler, layer some lightweight blankets on your bed. The extra texture will bring in the fall coziness without being too heavy. As the weather gets even colder, you can switch out the light layers for the thicker knits we all associate with fall.

Add Some Warm Lighting
As the sunset comes earlier and earlier, add some soft, warm lighting around your bedroom. It’s great for late summer nights, and even better for the chilly fall evenings in.

Decorate with soft whites and deep colors
It’s time to ditch the bright hues of summer and embrace some more neutrals that can easily be added to as the seasons change. Start with some light neutrals, greens and deep blues and transition to the more classic oranges and yellows later in the season.

Bring in some nature
This is a great time of year to bring in some clippings from outside in small vases, or add seasonal plants like mums or hydrangea. Sunflowers are a great choice for this time of the year. As the months go on, switch out green cuttings for pinecones and gourds.

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Why a firm mattress isn’t always better for your back.

Mattress on a white background with title


 In the old days, they said if you had back pain you needed to stick a board under your back. Has this held up? The answer might surprise you.

Over time, mattress technology has advanced greatly. So great, in fact, that you don’t need to sacrifice comfort for good support. Most mattresses are built from the bottom up. Take Rogers mattresses, for example. We start with the Powercore spring unit. On top of that are different combinations of what we call comfort layers, which are called that because they are indeed there for your personal comfort. The Powercore spring unit is doing all the heavy lifting supporting your back, while the comfort layers cushion you where you need cushioning.

Because of this modern form of mattress construction, different plushness levels will be better for different types of sleepers. Here are some rules of thumb you can follow, if you’re wondering if soft or firm is best for you.

Woman laying on her back on a mattress


If you’re a back sleeper, stick to firm. Back sleepers need the even weight distribution to keep their spines aligned.


Woman laying on her side on a matress with illustrations to show that her spine is aligned


Side sleepers are different due to the curves in your body-your hips and your shoulders need somewhere to go. A little cushion allows them to sink in, which in turn allows your spine to straighten.


Woman laying on her stomach on a mattress with a circle around her arm underneath her


Stomach sleepers tend to enjoy the softest mattress. When you sleep on your stomach, it’s likely you put your arms underneath you to snuggle up. You need plenty of cushion to make sure those muscles aren’t getting pinched.

It’s important when you’re shopping to focus on comfort and support, rather than firm or plush. As long as a mattress has a good support system- like our Powercore pocketed coils – any amount of plush top will be plenty supportive for your back.

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5 Signs You Need a New Mattress

Finding the right time to purchase a new mattress can be tricky. Many don’t actively think about it, and find themselves getting poor sleep without being able to pinpoint the cause. Here are 5 signs that might mean it’s time to replace your mattress.

Woman looking at her mattress for body impressions

You can see impressions where you sleep

There is a certain amount of normal wear that is to be expected with a mattress. Much like a nice pair of shoes, a mattress will break in to conform to your individual body. But if your mattress has a depression greater than an inch and a half, or there is a hump in the middle of your mattress, it may be time to replace it.

A woman sitting on her bed stretching her neck

You wake up sore

If you wake up sore or stiff, and loosen up within the first few hours of the day, your mattress might be the culprit. Pain from a bad mattress usually recurs every morning, and dissipates throughout the day.

Woman sleeping comfortably in bed

Sleeping in a hotel-or anywhere else-is more comfortable

Many people don’t get good sleep when they’re in an unfamiliar environment. But if you find your deepest snooze anywhere but your bed, it’s a telltale sign the bed needs replacement.


Woman waking up looking tired

You feel tired even after getting a full night sleep

Just because you get a lot of sleep, it doesn’t mean it’s good sleep. An old or bad mattress can create pinch point when you sleep, keeping you from settling in and getting comfortable enough for a deep rest.

Woman sitting in bed sneezing

Your mattress is giving you allergy symptoms

Over time, mattresses gather dust, dust mites, skin and hair cells from our bodies (yuck). The average queen mattress actually doubles in weight in ten year, mainly due to this. If you find yourself with a scratchy throat, or sneezing every time you wake up, it might be your mattress.

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Is a latex mattress healthier?

Latex dripping out of the rubber tree it was harvested from

When you spend a third of your life on your mattress, what’s inside is of utmost importance. There are any number of things that can be in a mattress, from poly-foam to even horsehair. Latex is one of the healthiest materials used inside any mattress. Here’s why.

Latex comes from the rubber tree

You can sleep well knowing latex is a plant based material. Most foams used in mattresses are petroleum based. Latex is harvested from the rubber tree, and put through cleaning processes to become the comfort foam in your mattress.

Latex has an open cell structure

Time to get a little scientific. Latex has an open cell structure, while memory foams have a closed cell structure. This means latex operates more like a spring-where it can easily and quickly return to its original shape. Because of its structure, latex is naturally cool, resilient, and soft.

A closeup of latex foam showing the holes

It’s naturally anti-microbial and hypoallergenic

The cellular structure of foam is inhospitable to pesky things like bacteria and dust mites. Latex also does not hold moisture or get hot, making it a very clean environment.

Latex is a fast responding foam

Remember the old memory foam commercials where someone would press their hand in, and the imprint of their hand would stay on the foam? Latex is the opposite of that. It cradles you, rather than letting you sink in and get stuck.

While all latex is a healthy option, not all is made equal. Make sure the latex in your mattress is certified environmentally friendly.

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