Is a latex mattress healthier?

Latex dripping out of the rubber tree it was harvested from

When you spend a third of your life on your mattress, what’s inside is of utmost importance. There are any number of things that can be in a mattress, from poly-foam to even horsehair. Latex is one of the healthiest materials used inside any mattress. Here’s why.

Latex comes from the rubber tree

You can sleep well knowing latex is a plant based material. Most foams used in mattresses are petroleum based. Latex is harvested from the rubber tree, and put through cleaning processes to become the comfort foam in your mattress.

Latex has an open cell structure

Time to get a little scientific. Latex has an open cell structure, while memory foams have a closed cell structure. This means latex operates more like a spring-where it can easily and quickly return to its original shape. Because of its structure, latex is naturally cool, resilient, and soft.

A closeup of latex foam showing the holes

It’s naturally anti-microbial and hypoallergenic

The cellular structure of foam is inhospitable to pesky things like bacteria and dust mites. Latex also does not hold moisture or get hot, making it a very clean environment.

Latex is a fast responding foam

Remember the old memory foam commercials where someone would press their hand in, and the imprint of their hand would stay on the foam? Latex is the opposite of that. It cradles you, rather than letting you sink in and get stuck.

While all latex is a healthy option, not all is made equal. Make sure the latex in your mattress is certified environmentally friendly.

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