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Why does Rogers use Nano springs?


When designing our Lifetime mattresses, Rogers sought out comfort materials that would actually last a lifetime. It can be difficult to find a cushion that is not only soft, but supportive and long lasting. Cue Nano springs. 

a photo of a nano spring sitting next to a normal spring

Nano springs are just like regular mattress springs but small. Shockingly small. They only stand about an inch high, and are about an inch in diameter. Just like our Powercore unit, Nano springs are individually pocketed and assembled into a large sheet. We use sheets of Nano springs as comfort layers in our mattresses-they provide extra cushion on top of our Powercore unit. 

a photo of a sheet of nano springs

Nano springs are a vastly superior comfort layer to pretty much anything else out there-they’re a plush, pillowey cushion made of an extremely durable material. It’s something that sounds too good to be true, but thankfully isn’t. They’re great at cushioning your pressure points, but they also give even back support since your weight is distributed among thousands of tiny Nano springs. This leaves you feeling suspended, like you’re floating. You’ll never have that “I’m sinking too far in and I’m stuck” feeling-it’s just pure, easy comfort.

The other major advantage to Nano springs is their durability. A sheet of Nano springs is made from steel, meaning it’s nearly impossible for it to break down. It will remain a supportive cushion for years and years, with zero maintenance. No fluffing, no cleaning. 

If we’ve convinced you-try out our Nano spring layers in our Lifetime mattress. We swear you’ll never go back to traditional comfort materials again. 


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