Foundation and Mattress- What’s the relationship?

A new mattress can be really tall, making it feel like you are climbing a mountain to get into bed. That’s why good manufacturers ( like Charles P. Rogers) offer 2 options on the height of your foundation at no difference in price or performance; Low Profile or Regular Height.

Foundation heights

Why Get A New Foundation - Your new mattress, a significant investment, needs proper support. Many folks consider using their existing foundation rather than buying a new matching foundation: its seen like an add on rather than a necessary purchase. But ask yourself, why you are replacing the mattress? Poor comfort & support? Valleys & depressions? Your foundation could be as worn as your mattress, it wont give your new mattress proper support, nor proper alignment for you and your partner. Your brand new mattress might break down even more quickly than you’d like.

What to consider when selecting the height of the foundation for your new set of bedding- An easy formula to help decide which height foundation is best with your new mattress-

drop to the floor + height of the foundation + height of the mattress = height from floor to top of the mattress.

Referring to our formula, first measure the drop from the rail to the floor. Then, add the height of the new mattress with the drop. Now it’s time to decide which foundation works best for you; low profile 5” or regular height 7.5” foundation. Plug in each foundation measurement (5” or 7.5”) to the equation, adding it to the drop and new mattress height you just calculated, and you will know the measurement from the top of your mattress to the floor. Compare the measurements to your current total height, and decide which works best for you. If using a bed skirt, you’ll need to find out the measurement from the floor to the top of the foundation to see which height is most appropriate for your bed skirt drop.

Bed Skirt Drop

drop to the floor + height of the foundation= bed skirt drop

You will want to ensure the height of your new mattress and/or set scales well with your existing furniture and nightstands, and you are comfortable getting in and out of bed. If you are putting a new mattress on a platform bed, measure the drop to the floor then add the new mattress height to know the measurement from the floor to the top of the mattress.

drop to the floor + height of the mattress = height from floor to top of the mattress.

Let us know if you have any questions when you are doing your measurements. This little bit of math will help you decide which height foundation is best for you.

Sleep Well!

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