Bedroom Design: I heart you

I don’t know about you, but I need a little heart art right now. I’ve been thinking about switching up the art in my bedroom for a while. It’s been about five years since my last major bedroom redo and it feels like it is time for a change. The artwork in your home should always represent you- the people you love, the places you’ve been, how you want to feel. Artwork is deeply personal. My selections may not be your exact selections (that would be creepy), but know that for a quick and budget friendly bedroom update, new artwork that you feel passionate about is a great way to go.


These paper hearts look like they might fly right out of the frame. I appreciate the homemade, but stylish quality of this piece.


The intricacy of this Nordic heart is simply beautiful. I like the feeling of having a full heart on my wall and in my body.

Source: Mine

For more lovely robots:

Sometimes the best art for your home is created by someone you love. This is a piece that I picked up at Portland’s ginormous annual art fair, Crafty Wonderland last week. A friend of mine made this and it assures me that everything will be okay.


Children’s artwork will always have a place in my home. There is nothing more cheerful, uplifting, and sometimes downright funny than pieces made by kids. As a teacher, I am gifted many drawings throughout the school year. I love the idea of scanning pictures down to a small size to create a happy collection. This is a great way to enjoy many favorite pieces at once.

Take care and lots of love to you and yours.

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