Movies in Bed: The LEGO Movie

Post by Mark T. Locker.

EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! That’s pretty much the mantra in the deliriously happy LEGO world our hero Emmet lives in. What he doesn’t realize is that he is living in a totalitarian society ruled by the ruthless President/Lord Business. You must build all your sets according to the rules. Do not diverge from the rules. Why would you? Everything is awesome! Tacos on Tuesdays! But then one day, quite by accident, he finds himself immersed in a new world. After tumbling down a hole and becoming fused with a mysterious object, he becomes the prophesied “Special” whose job is to defeat Lord Business, who means to glue all pieces together.

Emmet is hilariously not ready for this role. He’s a super happy-go-lucky guy who has never questioned anything ever. Filled with all your favorite LEGO minifigures from Batman (who is an egomaniac) to 80s space guy with the crack in his helmet that I remember so well from my own childhood, this movie is surprisingly entertaining and peppered with enough subtle jokes for the grown-ups to keep everyone happy. My favorite character is Unikitty, the happy unicorn/kitty hybrid whose repressed rage is just WAITING to be unleashed! And when it does, you’d better watch out!

This movie just came out on DVD so pick up a copy and have an awesome night in with the family.

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