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Bedroom Design: Big City Apartment Bedrooms

Post by Tracy Kaler.

Bedrooms in big cities don’t need to be tight, cluttered, and compact. In fact, some urban sleep spaces can be roomier and more comfortable than those in sprawling suburban houses. As a city dweller for most of my life and a New York City resident for nearly nine years, I can honestly say that I haven’t felt starved for space in my city bedrooms.

Let’s take a look at five stylish and well-designed bedrooms in different cities around the US.

New York City
Although it’s far from oversized, this Union Square bedroom with bright white walls gets plenty of natural light. We don’t miss the headboard since the artwork creates a colorful backdrop. A pair of pendant lamps keeps the design uncluttered in this simple Manhattan loft.

Sleek and modern, this “Windy City” bedroom boasts dramatic lighting that becomes the focal point. You would never know that a busy city lies just beyond those windows. Sheers provide the right amount of privacy without completely sacrificing the light.

San Francisco
Tailored and comfortable, an eclectic San Fran bedroom pulls out all the decor stops introducing pattern, texture, rhythm, and harmony. I can’t imagine needing much more in a bedroom.

A black bed wall brings depth to this eclectic bedroom, which gracefully adds pinks and purples in the accessories.

Bold and funky, you have to love the creativity used in decorating this Texas home. From the Pepsi clock to the little witch pillow, this apartment bedroom is filled with fun and whimsy.

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