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Bedroom Design: Tips to Get Your Guest Bedroom Holiday-Ready

Post by Tracy Kaler.

Expecting guests over the Christmas holidays? Not only will you want to be sure the room is tidy and has all the basic conveniences to make your guests comfortable, but it won’t hurt to throw in a few extras to make their holiday stay more memorable.

Keep a snack waiting.
After traveling, guests might be slightly peckish or even completely famished. Leave a few snacks in the bedroom –– cheese and crackers, fresh fruit, and bottled water should satisfy. If you’re not available when your guests arrive, leave instructions in the room for food offerings in your pantry or fridge.

Have fresh bath towels.
If your guests had a long flight, they might want to shower as soon as they arrive. Have fresh towels (bath and hand, and wash cloths) as well as plush robes ready and waiting in the guest room.

Write down remote control instructions.
Remote controls can vary among networks. Write down detailed instructions for your guests, so they don’t have any questions when it comes to turning on the television, cable, and DVD player.

Make space
Guests can’t feel very welcome when they have no place to unpack and hang their clothing. Be sure your closets have ample hangers and hanging space, and clear a few drawers for foldable garments. Make certain that closets or under-bed storage guarantee adequate space to tuck luggage away.

Add a touch of evergreen.
Add a wreath, small tree, fresh pine branches, magnolia leaves, or some other scented greenery that evokes the holiday spirit.

Offer holiday music
Besides the obvious in-room television, a CD player cranking holiday tunes when guests arrive will put your overnight housemates in a jolly, festive mood, ready for December 25th.

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