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Things We Like: Nest Protect To Sleep Safer At Night

Post by Kyle St. Romain.

I’m always on the look out for new products that make your house cooler, smarter, and safer. In the past, I’ve discussed products like the Philips Hue smart LED lights and SONTE’s digital window shades. This week, I’ve got a new one for you: Nest Protect.

Nest Labs, the same company that makes the smart thermostat “Nest”, recently announced a new product that is sure to help you sleep better at night: a smart smoke detector called Nest Protect. Nest Protect takes what is usually thought of as a boring ad mundane device, the smoke detector, and adds additional functionality that makes it a “stylish must-have” for many homeowners. Let’s talk about what exactly Nest Protect does, and what makes it so revolutionary.

Nest Protect is a connected smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, heat detector, light sensor, ultrasonic sensor, motion detector, and nightlight. With Nest Protect’s motion sensor, you no longer have to scramble up on a chair to disconnect an errant alarm (like when you burn something in the Kitchen). Instead, you can simply wave your hand at the device to temporarily disable it. That feature alone has me sold, as I often forget to take the bread out of the toaster. Oops.

In addition to replacing a single purpose device with a feature rich hub, Nest Protect is also connected meaning it works in tandem with other Nest Lab products. One benefit of having a connected smoke detector is that it can alert you of problems in your house even when you’re away from home via it’s smartphone app.

Last, but not least, Nest Protect also acts as a nightlight. Using its light and motion detectors, Nest Protect lights your way at night to prevent those uncomfortable toe stubs when you get out of bed for a glass of water.

If you want to learn more about how Nest Protect works, be sure to check out the demo video.

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