Bedroom Design: Making the Most of a Small Bedroom

Post by Tracy Kaler.

Not all bedrooms are created equal, but remember, size and style have little in common. Sometimes, even the most compact spaces can feel chic and be brimming with personality. If you’ve been dreaming of a larger space but don’t have the square footage to work with, celebrate what you’ve got and make the most of your small bedroom.

This shabby chic bedroom might break the rules a bit (the bed is placed in front of the window), but everything about the room is sweet and seems comfortable. The full bed just fits, and the space is accessorized well considering the size (it doesn’t feel cluttered).

bed with custom hamper/bench

A bare bones London bedroom keeps to minimal furnishings, but has all that an occasional guest room needs. The credenza at the foot of the bed works for storage and adds a horizontal surface.

Apartment, Primrose Hill, North London

This adorable cottage bedroom sports a neutral color scheme. I want to crawl inside, read a chapter or two, fall sound asleep, and wake up to a croissant and cappuccino. That’s a great room.

self-contained Huts

Furnishings go modern in this farmhouse bedroom, but the original brick wall remains a backdrop for the beds. A graphic area rug gives the room an industrial edge.

Warborne Farm: The Old Stables

A Scandinavian bedroom keeps things modern and practical with built-in bed storage and a white color palette.

Bellechasse 2

Small space, big style rings true in this New York bedroom that resembles a walk-in closet more than a room. Notice the carefully merchandised shelves and antique chandelier.

Tiny Bedroom

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