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Movies in Bed: Hot Fuzz

hot fuzz

Post by Mark T. Locker.

Last week, I reviewed the third installment in the “Cornetto Trilogy”, three movies whose only relations to each other are the main actors and passing references to Cornettos, which, as far as I can tell, are the UK equivalent of the Drumstick ice cream cone. Having carried on about Simon Pegg and Nick Frost made me want to revisit the other movies in the “trilogy”. First up was Hot Fuzz, mainly because it’s available on Netflix.

Nicolas Angel (Simon Pegg) is one of the best cops in London but he’s a bit uptight and a bit of a killjoy. So when he is transferred to a sleepy bucolic village, he is less than enthused. When he discovers his partner Danny (Nick Frost) is the same man he arrested for trying to drive drunk, he is beside himself.

Things begin to change when a series of murders, crudely disguised as accidents, begin to occur. Nicolas is the only one to smell something fishy but when he gets Danny in his corner, dark secrets of this sleepy town begin to come to life.

Hot Fuzz is a fun, action-packed full-blown cop movie, with winks and nods to plenty of genre movies, like Bad Boys II. You can tell they have a bigger budget and are having fun shooting and blowing up as much as possible. There are a few violent scenes which are almost cartoony but if you are squeamish, be ready to cover your eyes. Overall it’s a funny and exciting movie and a good way to begin your weekend.

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