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Bedroom Design: Decorating with Murals

Post by Tracy Kaler.

Looking to redecorate your bedroom, and feeling unusually creative? If you’re crafty, you might consider painting a scene, object, or pattern on part or all of a wall. Murals add life and color to the dullest space, and could be a fun project for you and a friend, or you and your family.

Try using stencils if freehand sketching isn’t your strength. Select a design that works well with the age and architecture of your room, have a vision, and draw a few ideas on paper before you lift the brush. If you’re not so arty or adventurous, you can hire a faux painter to take on the task instead.

The sky’s the limit as to what you can paint. Have a look at these four different murals for inspiration in your bedroom.

This room exudes sophistication. The mural adds the right amount of architectural detail to this mostly neutral space. The magenta chairs lend a modern edge and a splash of color to the interior.

Once an ordinary room, there’s nothing ordinary about this bedroom now. It’s amazing what some pattern will do to an otherwise lackluster space. The floral mural on the bed wall makes this room feel happy and almost whimsical. The simple furnishings practically disappear because your eye is on that painted wall.

This mural is an awesome design for an avid traveler’s home. Again, notice the unfussy furnishings that leave space for the colorful mapped wall in this West Village loft.

This One Central Park bedroom in Sydney takes on a Midcentury Modern feel. The leafless tree branch mural sets the tone for the entire space, giving it a calm, relaxing, and luxurious feel.

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