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Bedroom Design: 5 Casual Bedrooms to Love

Post by Tracy Kaler.

Over the years, I’ve learned that a casual room can be just as stylish as a fancy one. Silk tapestries and crystal chandeliers can look impossibly chic, but so can painted floors and an eclectic mix of furnishings. Here are five bedrooms that show how casual spaces can exude as much style as their dressier peers.

I’d call this bedroom Bohemian chic. The interesting mix of textiles and colors almost looks haphazard, yet all of the elements pull together nicely to complete the design.

This shabby-chic room exudes a casual elegance with the white floors and bed frames, not to mention the antique brick wall and blue and white wallpaper. If you guess the locale as New Orleans, you would be correct. This lovely space is in the French Quarter.

Most beach cottages boast a casual feel, and this Fish Camp beach house on the Florida panhandle is no different. The colored trim, quilted coverlet, white café curtains, and overall aesthetic of the room are uber casual, yet beachy and undeniably fashionable.

A Texas farmhouse bedroom takes on a casual feel even though some of its individual components are more formal. The four-poster bed. The floor length curtains. The gold textured art above the bed. All seem dressier in their own right, but when married with the other aspects of this room, they contribute to the overall casual style.

Exposed, rustic beams, wicker furniture, and loads of texture make this room ultra casual but still well thought-out. The designer utilized the space well, despite the funky layout.

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Tips & Tricks: Tips to Ready Your Bedroom for Spring

Post by Tracy Kaler.

Spring officially begins this Sunday, March 20, so it’s time to emerge from your cocoon and ready your home for warmer weather. For me, once temperatures reach the 60s, I’m almost automatically in a better mood and have more energy to tackle those tasks that aren’t my favorites –– such as organizing and cleaning.

Here are a few tips to get your bedroom in tip-top shape this spring.

Change the bedding.
If you’re like most people, you probably use heavier blankets and maybe even flannel sheets during the colder months. Well, it’s time to bid farewell to your winter wares, at least until the next freeze. Bring out the lighter linens and cottons for a more spring-like feel and comfy sleeping.

Hit the shelves
If you have bookshelves, you know they tend to get messy. Go through your books and donate any you don’t intend to read, or have read and won’t read again (except the classics or DIY, which no one wants to part with). Organize your magazines into attractive holders rather than stacking. Any mag that’s more than two years old, you might want to toss it.

Move on to the closet
Of course, your closet needs to get organized, but you’ll also want to move your winter clothing, shoes, and accessories to storage, or at least to an out-of-reach area so your spring/summer wardrobe is front and center. Use cedar or fresh herbs such as rosemary and lavender to keep garments fresh and bugs at bay. And, don’t be sloppy when storing. You’ll regret it next season.

Buy something new.
Every room gets tired after a while, so if you’re bored with your bedroom, you’re not alone. Now that you’re organized, allow yourself to splurge on one new item –– be it an area rug, mirror, piece of art, or throw pillow –– and you’ll be back in love with your bedroom in no time.

Sorry to be the bearer of this news, but now that you’re organized, it’s time to clean. Spring-cleaning is a must every year, so get to it!

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Bedroom Design: Is My Bedroom Too Small?

Post by Tracy Kaler.

Good design knows no size. If this statement is indeed true, then a small bedroom can be a well-designed bedroom. But how small is too small? Unbelievably, if a room is well thought out, size isn’t an issue. Let’s take a look at some tiny albeit creative spaces used for sleep.

This teeny New York bedroom manages to have the necessities as well as a dose of panache. The chandelier and window shade add style to the simple, understated space.

This London bedroom goes industrial and sneaks in two tiny nightstands alongside the full-size bed. What more does a bedroom need?

A rustic New Orleans guest bedroom boasts two Dutch beds tucked into the walls. A single window allows just enough light into the space.

With old and new elements, this straightforward bedroom contains enough space for a single bed, lounge chair, and of course, a house kitty.

A movie lover’s dream, this compact Scandanavian bedroom offers plenty of CD storage as well as a little bed.

Talk about an efficient design! A teen bedroom fits a work station as well as a spot for a guest to sleep in a trundle bed.

A Scotland treehouse bedroom is beautifully designed with its comfy storage bed, side table and chairs, and even a small seating area.

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Bedroom Design: Creating a Farmhouse Bedroom

Post by Tracy Kaler.

Lots of wood. White walls and floors. Quilts. Shaker-style furniture. These are the makings of a farmhouse bedroom. Love the look but live in an apartment? No worries. Whether you prefer a traditional or modern interior, you don’t have to live in an actual farmhouse to create this style.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can decorate your own bedroom and achieve the farmhouse look.

Create the architecture
A San Francisco guest bedroom goes traditional farmhouse with board and batten walls, pitched ceilings, and simple cottage-style furnishings. Red and white gingham and structured window shades complete the country feel.

Keep it neutral.
A South African farmhouse stays neutral with beige walls, white bedding, and natural-fiber carpeting. The classic Burberry-patterned throw tossed on the bed adds a splash of color.

Be classic and simple.
This sweet bedroom boasts the right amount of everything –– color, pattern, texture, and detail. Painted a soft shade of white, the space is on the smaller side, but has a big personality. Bright orange paint covers the French doors, allowing light to flow into the room.

Go minimalist.
A crocheted coverlet, crisp bed linens, and painted floors give this New York farmhouse bedroom a modern aesthetic. Minimal furnishings contribute to the clean, uncluttered design.

Try rustic.
This Dallas bedroom’s vintage accessories and antiques create an equestrian-themed farmhouse bedroom. Cozy and chic, the room is renovated, but feels like it dates back to the 1800s when the home was constructed.

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Bedroom Design: Big City Apartment Bedrooms

Post by Tracy Kaler.

Bedrooms in big cities don’t need to be tight, cluttered, and compact. In fact, some urban sleep spaces can be roomier and more comfortable than those in sprawling suburban houses. As a city dweller for most of my life and a New York City resident for nearly nine years, I can honestly say that I haven’t felt starved for space in my city bedrooms.

Let’s take a look at five stylish and well-designed bedrooms in different cities around the US.

New York City
Although it’s far from oversized, this Union Square bedroom with bright white walls gets plenty of natural light. We don’t miss the headboard since the artwork creates a colorful backdrop. A pair of pendant lamps keeps the design uncluttered in this simple Manhattan loft.

Sleek and modern, this “Windy City” bedroom boasts dramatic lighting that becomes the focal point. You would never know that a busy city lies just beyond those windows. Sheers provide the right amount of privacy without completely sacrificing the light.

San Francisco
Tailored and comfortable, an eclectic San Fran bedroom pulls out all the decor stops introducing pattern, texture, rhythm, and harmony. I can’t imagine needing much more in a bedroom.

A black bed wall brings depth to this eclectic bedroom, which gracefully adds pinks and purples in the accessories.

Bold and funky, you have to love the creativity used in decorating this Texas home. From the Pepsi clock to the little witch pillow, this apartment bedroom is filled with fun and whimsy.

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